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the assessment is done for short. i eagerly await in my education as an ensign on the was conducted by the oecd countries for years it takes a look at people from sixty five country. the latest report the first seven places in the rankings have gone to east asian nation the performers and jim stevens is better than last time plenty of room for improvement. schoolchildren have been studying higher than now. which when it comes to the science is not on treating. the top of the costs of stevens and sung high tying a tiny government doesn't release results for the whole country. gemini schools than in belgium but about vietnam. and last month's kit including ten these results have improved considerably since the last piece of the pool it was published in two thousand gemini school is selling ban came as a cell. the reading skills of fifteen year old was found to be well then add the global operates children for migrant and for a social backgrounds placenta be at a particular disadvantage the study treated to a series of educational conferences in gemini and one of the country's federal states intro
their families. it is not easy for roma children in the czech education system. it is not just because their parents don't always look after them properly according to this person. she tells me the state must do more to promote and to ration. -- must do more to promote integration. recently, check education authorities asked them to count the roma children. they want us to judge which children were roma and which were not on the basis of their physical appearance. i did not react and have not heard anything since then. education authorities put this scheme on ice because of the criticism it received from many teachers. one year ago, the police started a pilot project. like these people are being trained as special police officers in an attempt to combat rising crime. -- they someone's been y's ombudsman helped initiate the project. he believes there will be less friction of the crime rate among the roma false. we want to diffuse the hatred. the roma police officers are helping us. they should get close to the people in their community and help implement law and order. the idea gives th
areealing wi new technologies, adnces in knowledge, e increased education and skills of the r foe. it's responsible for nearly out, and on a per capita sis, perhaps 75% or 80% of ourrowth. so t case of satellite communications is not really exceptional. ever sincehe sam engine, new technology has been systematically revolutionizing our lives. growth. in many parts of the world, growth means growth of population, growth in poverty, growthn e scarcity of resources. today in america, we take economicrowth and oustandardf living for grante what iraw mateals run out? whatf pulationanpollutiog? in97rissued a report calledhe ce the limits to growth. what didhey predict, and could they be righ whaton population... if current growth rasconti, wod populationildouble whatonby t yea2000.. when our grandchildren are old, e polationwill have ubi consequentressure on land anodupies would be tremendous. widespad famine and malnutrition would be all-pervasive. widespad famine on industry...on the port concluded that if minerals and metals weonsumed exhaustein few decades.lobal sue they were caed the c
campaigns focused on educating people about the infection has a cousin of mine whenever i hear that takes us a call saying we were scared of the illness several listed in the slightly worrying. but despite that i think people are too scared of it the tooth comb and is in the hat to go to the illness is dangerous. just like cancer at the pan african organization against the two world calls is hoping to raise awareness of the dangers a repeat in people of morocco are infected with hiv in for more died from aids related complications. auto parts is this little discussion about the risks the problem is that we don't have any education on the media doesn't cover it everyone is keeping quiet about dates. we refuse to tok about this being subjected to endless. or i is hoping to help change that. working with so called cheese coated the network for women with the lists. she hopes it will help people share their experiences so they can learn and be open about living with hiv. tennis courts and is now and sunday is when this league action where hanover managed to pick up three badly needed points wi
the team meeting government had commissioned to develop into a catch though education she caught on a dt and the private sector the country's growing to include cyclone. a welsh know christ. you and meaning long woohoo. i eye. the key to the city is in berlin this is the journal. it can be with us. the story. gale force winds battering northern europe in the first one to store. goalies to amber shares in ukraine. most western foreign ministers meeting in kiev expressed support for the opposition this is rich in year to europe remain at record lows ecb chief sunday threatened to punish banks that don't pass it on to clients the it'll be your main account or if your store again for swings and wants to lead to the north this week canadians pay the founding forecasters are calling on the first major winter storm in northern germany ferries and trains have been canceled schools closed and residents are being asked to stay indoor. scotland and britain killing at least two people and the thing behind the creator of damage and destruction. ominous clouds covered the city of glasgow as wa
their families. it's not easy for roma children in the czech education system. according to much in every below but it's not just because their parents don't always look after them properly. it all she tells me the state must do more to promote integration. rachel tells me that recently check education authorities ask them to count the roma children. it's the will that mean it. if it down yet they want us to judge which children were roma and which were not on the basis of their physical appearance. why did you react and haven't heard anything since then. education authorities put the scheme on ice because of the criticism it received from many teachers. one year ago police said was to not go up and started the pilot project roma like elena by nova and carl someone for being trained a special police officers in an attempt to combat rising crime the city's ombudsman for minorities. pablo books of the lake. helped initiate the project. he believes there will be less friction at the crime rate among the roma falls. so what do we knew we wanted to use the hatred all of the roma police officers are
to reduce tension over beijing's new air defense good educations now. the zone covers airspace over a set of islands in the east china sea whose ownership is disputed. why am i to tokyo when he leads from the eu's demands to japan or subpoenas those times when the bombs few days time has come to find interest in line to american and japanese planes. the filling into the area spiking these detentions. signs pointing to buy teams meet in the chinese shoes and think man and our new baby into a tie. implied in the z concert a time of heightened tension between this and decides that the us and china have many shame to chatswood. biden said he appreciated the steaming style. you do. i am it occurs early on. after his meeting with the crew duties included as well. you know. do you work and in your future developing this relation both qualities are sorely needed. however there was a comment about the chinese japanese territorial dispute pits dominated recent news coverage. two decades time in japan. the findings in the east china sea the chinese decoration of a difference and as we got to the att
i asked the fcc. japanese elementary school education is designed to be called recruits. developing tools for these personalities as well as their mark. i knew millwall are considered only on cw. i'm suffering at all the good news as given in and he's on the head on thousands of ukrainians protests in kiev to mind and closer ties with european union. indians are south africans from them but no one fell out with a national day it was a castle and find your next match. struggling to breathe. in. the stuart three thousand for all ranch kiev independence class what ukrainians are massing two points to anger at president become gonna call that the court government to step down. it is expected to be the largest rally since mass protest on the three weeks ago. demonstrators are angry on the carpet and down them and mom packed with the eu in favor of the trade deal with moscow. opposition forces without calling ukrainians have responded with a show of strength. waiting ukrainian in and around two hundred thousand of them had descended on the part that yet. they're determined to force out th
greatest resources is our human capital stock. we have an enormously talented, educated workforce. the notion that somehow the only thing that we'll be able to find for them to do is to flip hamburgers at mcdonald's, i think, is outrageous. i don't think that a society is likely to succeed for most of its citizens by trying to lean against the forces of technological and economic change. and it seems to me that's what this debate's about. schoumacher: with industry and jobs on the line, pressure mounted on president jimmy carter. americans deserve protection from predatory pricing practices from abroad, but congressman dingell might lead congress to pass outright quotas, which could wreck the complex and delicate framework of world trade. as the crisis reached its peak, carter turned to one of the country's experts on international trade and finance, deputy treasury secretary anthony solomon. solomon's solution -- the trigger price mechanism. use the japanese production price as the trigger for starting dumping investigations. everybody in the world accepted the fact that japanese
own likes and dislikes, his own prejudices, his background, his education, the lessons he's learned from other actors and from directors and the experiences of his life, which he can draw on in parallel situations in the play. now, you will see in these rehearsal scenes coming up, a number of very interesting things. mr. patrick stewart is first seen in character, in costume. and then suddenly, there was a rehearsal scene, and the same man who appeared to be a young servant, suddenly appears to be a man in early middle age. he-mr. stewart has no hair. mr. stewart does not wear a mustache. and so you see, vividly, how he draws on his talent with the external use of a wig and a mustache, but also how he transforms himself from a man of a later age into an apparently very young man. miss lisa harrow, the gifted actress who plays julie, without the aid of makeup or costume, you'll see her in rehearsal scene after rehearsal scene, and her face will change. she will be passive. she will be dominating. she will be strong. she will be indecisive. and those are the gifts that the actor bring
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)